It's a warm feeling to get back to all of you from SJPN Trust's BCA College.

    Warm greetings to you all from SJPN Trust's BCA College which is our alma matter. It is our home place from where we learned to begin our professional and corporate career. Over the years, the college has undergone a good deal of transformation and you will observe several new developments. We hope you must be eager to know what all has happened over these years and how the college has grown up? It's great opportunity to interact with your batchmates and relish and refresh your past memories. The SJPN Trust's BCA College campus has changed over the years while retaining its old charms. You may have from time to time yearned to visit the campus, which provided an impetus to your career. You would like to share your expertise gained in the service with the faculty and students. In this connection we intent to reach all the alumni for their very memorable lifetime association. Please help us find your former classmates by forwarding this message to them and help us to collect as many addresses as possible. Or you can forward us the Email IDs of theirs along with batch or year to which they belong. Please come forward to build a strong network of SJPN Trust's BCA College.
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